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YorkRegion Article: Magna clinic offers treatments

YorkRegion Article: Magna clinic offers treatments.

By Amanda Perisco|
Provided by: Dr. Christine Davis, ND
Jan 24, 2011 – 4:37 PM

Open to the community. Naturopathic practitioner Dr. Christine Davis (left) and chiropractor Dr. Stephanie Milley are among the medical professionals staffing the new Magna Health Centre.  The facility opened as a resource to Magna employees, but has now opened its doors to the entire community.

You now have new health treatment options here in Aurora.  The Magna Health Centre is an 1,800-square-foot multi-disciplinary clinic that’s home to four practitioners and one medical doctor.  A Magna International initiative, the health centre is built on a holistic approach to medicine and features some of the latest laser technology.

Magna has always been a pillar of Aurora, said Dr. Stephanie Milley, a chiropractor based at the centre. “It was important for Magna to have a place to better serve its employees.”  Open to Magna employees for the past three months, the health centre has now opened its doors to all residents of Aurora and Newmarket.  “There is a need for health services in the area,” Dr. Milley said.  “This is a way to better service our employees and our community.”

The health centre is not an emergency clinic, but operates more like a combination between a walk-in clinic and family doctor’s office.  Along with chiropractic services, the centre offers naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and health and wellness services.  “We see a broad range of patients, everything from common allergies to chronic pain,” Dr. Milley said.  “It’s a very health conscious approach.”  The practitioners also take a more integrated and incorporated approach to treating their patients, Dr. Milley added.  Most people know what a family doctor does, she said.

“We want to keep a form of transparency as to what we do, why we are doing it and why the patient needs it.”  The centre has partnered with Meditech, a leading health software supplier, to offer the latest in laser technology.  The clinic has three laser machines to treat soft-tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, arthritis and sports injuries as well as wound management and diabetic ulcers.  The specialty machines are meant to be used hands-free, which means while the laser is being applied to a specific area, you are free to sit, read, lie down, listen to music and change positions.  The centre also has two laser machines that provide therapy through acupuncture points without puncturing skin.  The Weber laser machine is used in the United States and Europe, but has yet to be approved for use in Canada.  The Magna Health Centre is one of the few clinics in Canada to have this machine, Dr. Milley said, and it is ready to go when approval is granted.  Laser technology is essentially low-intensity light, Dr. Milley said. The treatment is non-invasive and adds additional energy to damaged cells to boost the healing process.  This is on the conservative side of medicine. It doesn’t cut, burn or heat up, so it’s a very comfortable type of treatment, Dr. Milley said. The treatment gives more fuel to better repair the area. It’s extra energy so the cells can do their jobs more efficiently.

“We can treat well beyond the common cough and cold,” she added.
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