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The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Written by: Dr. Christine Davis, Naturopathic Doctor

The skin is the largest organ for elimination of the toxins within the body. Brushing the skin can stimulate the body’s natural cleansing and healing systems to help detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. Dry skin brushing exfoliates and stimulates new skin growth. It cleanses the lymphatic system, removes dead skin and cellulite, tightens skin, tones muscles and stimulates circulation. The process also stimulates more activity in your sebaceous, or oil, glands, which helps the body create its own natural moisturizer and lessens the appearance of dimpled skin. Dry skin brushing has been practiced for thousands of years by the Japanese, the Ancient Greeks, and the Cherokee Indians. It’s easy once you get the hang of it, and it only takes 15 minutes to your entire body.


You can utilize the dry-brushing technique by a number of methods, including a rough loofah sponge, washcloth, soft pumice stone, gloves or a natural fiber brush. I recommend the natural fiber brush to reach tough areas. Dry brush your skin first in the morning, before you shower. Your skin should be completely dry. Start at your feet and move upwards along your legs. Always brush in the direction of your heart to facilitate circulation. Repeat using upward strokes from your hands along your arms. Brush your torso in an upward motion and your stomach in a circular motion. Brush your tailbone to the base of your neck as you can reach. Use more vigorous strokes on areas where your skin is thick–like your soles, and light strokes on areas where your skin is thin. Don’t brush irritated or broken skin. Dry brush once a day, first thing in the morning. You can brush areas with cellulite twice a day for about five to ten minutes to minimize the appearance of cellulite. Do this consistently for five months for best results.


Avoid brushing your skin too vigorously. Excessive or abrasive brushing can cause irritation and scrapes to the skin. Increase pressure gradually over a period of time. During the first few weeks, your skin will often be red after your bath or shower; if skin remains red for more than 5 to 10 minutes, the brushing was too vigorous and should be scaled back.

The Power of Lemons

Written by: Dr. Christine Davis, Naturopathic Doctor

Lemons are remarkable fruits that can have a dramatic effect on your overall health and well-being.  Lemons boost the immune system, purify the blood and help the body rid itself of toxins.   Lemons and lemon juice are alkalizing, cleansing, antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant and may successfully treat a variety of health problems.  As well, lemons are high in vitamin C, potassium and other minerals.

For best results, add the juice of half a freshly picked lemon to cool or warm water.  Water that is too hot will destroy vital enzymes in the lemons.  It should be noted that pre-packaged and pasteurized lemon juice will not have the same health benefits.  Organic lemons are preferred over to avoid any pesticide or chemical residue that might remain on the skin and in the pulp.

Lemons and pH Balance

Ripe lemons have an alkalizing effect on the blood and urine despite being an acidic fruit.  Acidic diets lower the pH in the body resulting in alkaline minerals being drawn from bone, muscle and tissue to rebalance the pH. The depletion of calcium, magnesium and potassium over time can lead to
weakened bones and muscle wastage.

Digestion and Cleansing

Lemons can also relieve symptoms of indigestion, such as heartburn, bloating, gas and cramping. Drinking lemon water regularly will aid in the cleansing of the bowels, which helps eliminate constipation and diarrhea.  Bitter foods such as lemons are known to stimulate the liver, which can aid in detoxification and weight loss.

Immune Boosting

Lemons are high in vitamin C, a well-known cold and flu-fighter.  Lemon and honey can ease the pain of a sore throat or soothe the tickling and itching of a cough.  Squeezing the juice of 1 lemon in 1 cup of warm water with 1 tbsp. honey makes a base for a soothing cough or sore throat remedy.  Alternatively, mix lemon juice and honey in a small bowl and drink to soothe a sore throat.


Although alkalinizing to the body, lemons can be acidic to the tooth enamel. It is best to drink lemon water first thing in the am (which is also the best time for liver detoxification) and rinse your mouth afterward, than to sip throughout the day.  Always consult your healthcare practitioner to understand what is best for your individual health needs.